Cosmetics that Women Must Have

Women and make up are two things that cannot be separated. Women need makeup to look more beautiful and attractive. Both in everyday life and when traveling. Either to the office or to the party.

Many women feel insecure when performing without make up, because dressing up becomes an important ritual for women.

To use makeup special techniques are needed so that the makeup results look perfect and beautiful. It’s not enough just a reliable technique, it is also necessary to carefully choose beauty products such as makeup and skin care products that are suitable for each skin type.

The following are the basic cosmetics you need and must have:

The Foundation

Foundation is a makeup base that is commonly used before applying powder. After washing your face using facial soap or a cream and toner cleanser, you can immediately apply foundation to your face. The function of the foundation is to make the powder last longer on the face and also to cover up acne scars and also to disguise the uneven skin tone. Choosing a foundation color is also not arbitrary. If the wrong choice, the skin will look striped. Choose a foundation color that is the same as skin color or one level brighter than your skin.


Many people are confused between foundation and concealer. Because the two make up products have almost the same function, namely to disguise. The difference is if the foundation for the foundation make up, concealer to cover the black stain on the face that is not disguised even though it has used a foundation. The concealer serves to perfect the results of your makeup to become more flawless, cover black spots and disguise the eye bags.

Eyebrow pencil

The eyebrow pencil functions to form your eyebrows to make it look more firm, beautiful and thick. Choose an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your skin, so that your eyebrows look more natural. Eyebrows are the key to the success of your makeup. So without an eyebrow pencil, your makeup tool will have no meaning.


Eyeliner serves to reinforce the eye. The types also vary, ranging from liquid, gel, and pencil. In its application, pencil type eyeliner is easier to apply. However, the weakness of this type of eyeliner is less thick so it is difficult to use eyeliner to form the eyes.

Gel eyeliner is easier to use than liquid eyeliner and also lacks the risk of eyeliner spilling because the gel eyeliner properties tend to be thicker and rather dense. The disadvantage of eyeliner gel is that the brush used if it is not directly washed will dry faster and harder so it cannot be reused. This makes you more wasteful because you often buy supplies of eyeliner brushes. The last one is pencil eyeliner, this type of eyeliner is often used by makeup artists with the aim of producing eye makeup that is firm, bold, sharp and neat.


Powder works to absorb oil on the face and cover large pores. For those of you who like to use natural makeup, use powder without foundation before. There are two types of powder namely powder and solid powder. For those who are just learning grooming, you should use powder because of its lighter texture so that it can provide satisfying makeup results.

Lipstick and lip balm

Lipbalm functions to moisturize the lips, usually colorless lipbalm. Before using lipstick, use lip balm. Choose lipbalm containing shea butter which functions to lock in the moisture of the lips and also provides natural moisture so that your lips are not easily dry and smooth. The application of lipstick is even easier. After that, determine the color and type of lipstick you want. Different types of lipstick, some are liquid, matte and gel. Choose the color of the lipstick that suits your skin type.

That’s the makeup tool that you must have. Choose a makeup tool that suits your skin type and has guaranteed quality and safety. Do not be tempted by low prices, because the content is not necessarily safe for your skin.

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